It’s not about size. It’s about Shape

Posted on July 13, 2014

by Samantha Birkwood, Image & Style, colour me beautiful

When I am helping to choose clothing for someone, the most important thing to take into consideration is that it’s not actually about the size of the person, it’s about their body-shape. That is far more important when dressing to look your best.

I think so many women and men here and around the western world have become so pre-occupied with size. For some, being a size 14, instead of a 12 is the end of the world. Whereas, for others, the frustration of being a size 18 in Asia can lead them to hide behind shapeless clothing, and be ashamed of how they look. We’ve seen this in the media, with the debate over too-skinny models, and magazines splashed with photographs of a celebrity that has cellulite… gasp!

Many women that I work with won’t even try on a garment in a bigger size than their normal, even if it will fit and flatter them better, because of this mental block about clothing size. However, please remember ladies, it’s not about size. It’s about shape!! And if you really can’t handle seeing the sizing on your outfits, cut them off (carefully!)

Tommy Hillfigure

Once you know what your body shape is, it means you can truly dress to make the most of the body. You will know how to shift attention away from your figure challenges, and how to highlight your best features. Let me say that again… how to highlight your best features!! It’s all about looking good and feeling great. It’s about feeling confident again, and not letting low self-esteem and body image stop you from living your life.

Stand back and take a look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t just stare at your big bottom, or wobbly thighs, or flabby tummy. Look at your entire shape. What do you like about yourself? If you’re really not sure ask a friend or your partner, as quite often we become so preoccupied with the negative parts we forget how to focus on our best parts. Make a list of your positive features. Now think of ways to focus on them. Do you have lovely slim legs that would look good in skinny jeans? Do you have amazing eyes you can highlight with the right colours? Have you got a waist that you’ve forgotten how to show off?

Remember, it’s not about your size, it’s about your shape and highlighting your best features to find that confidence again.

As there’s nothing more beautiful than someone who is confident in who they are inside and out.

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