About ILCM

Brief History of ILCM Community Services and its Operations

The first charity supported by ILCM 32 years ago was Escola Sao Jose a boarding school in KA HO. On their first visit a group of women at the instigation of Brenda Histead (First President of ILCM) an English woman whose husband came to set up CTM discovered there were over 50 children living in squalid conditions and were malnourished. Each week a group of women along with Andrew Stow from Lord Stow’s bakery went to treat the skin rashes and to wash the nits out of the children’s hair.   One of the ILCM members, a midwife, also delivered a baby of one of the woman who was seeking refuge at the school.

It was from that time that ILCM made up of primarily women but, with active support of Andrew Stow, decided they would do what they could to support women and children and the poor and vulnerable.

Macau has changed but in actual fact many of the needs have not.

There are many of us who over the last 15 years working in ILCM Community Services have seen many changes: the arrival of the new casinos and money pouring into the government has enabled the Government to improve resources for these facilities. However like all countries we still have babies and children abandoned in the street, women and their children battered, victims of domestic violence, drug addicts and elderly homeless.

Macau Government provides funding to cover 80% of Facilities costs and the deficit is raised from the Macau community. Businesses, individuals and local groups and Foundations working often together cover the difference.

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Executive Committee Members 2017

President Rebecca Glade
Vice President Samantha Birkwood
Secretary Ashley Sutherland-Winch
Treasurer Mafalda Mesquita de Melo
Community Services Kel Wilton
Fundraising & Events Lindsey Hornbuckle Lanni
Membership Fiona Tye
Public Relations Barbara Barreto Ian
Corporate Relations Roxana Aniela Pintea
Fundraising Assistant Claudia Capuano
Legal & Community Affairs Sophie Lei
Mums & Tots Metka Tramte


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