ILCM History

1982 to 1987

Originally called The City Club, The International Ladies’ Club of Macau was founded in March 1982 with a view to bringing together women of different backgrounds and interests and to promote friendship and understanding.

From the very beginning many Portuguese, Macanese and Chinese ladies joined the group and a vigorous programme was planned with activities such as Scottish Country Dancing, Keep-Fit, Drawing and Macramé Classes in addition to Monthly Lunches. All were well supported with the money going to buy books for an English language library that was opened in 1983.

The Chong Shan Library was founded in March 1984 with approximately 5,300 English books by 1987. When the library closed, many of the books were donated to the University Library in Taipa and are now available to all of Macau. Look for the Chong Shang Library stamp on Page 41.

The ILCM’s first Fundraising Event was on 20th October 1983, in the round room of the Lisboa Hotel. A Fashion Parade was held with the support of the Fashion Factory of Hong Kong and led to a successful partnership with bi-annual events for Spring and Autumn for many years.

About 90 people attended this first fundraising event raising MOP1,400 for the Escola San Jose, Ka Ho Coloane, a home for abandoned babies.

The ILCM became a registered club under Macau Law with its own constitution on the 22nd of January 1985.

The ILCM donated over MOP53,000 to Escola San Jose in 1985 which provided 75 desks and chairs, wall units and store cupboards, lockers, toys, gas water heaters for the new showers, fire extinguishers and in early 1986, doors and window bars as well as medical supplies and vitamins. The ILCM paid for the complete renovation of the kitchen and clinic and during 1985 worked with Obras das Maes, STDM, and Rotary on various projects at the school. This liason with other organisations in Macau continues today (2009) with the ILCM the Charity Liason for many Macau Corporations.

1985 saw publication of the first ILCM Cookbook with about 2,000 copies sold and ‘The World’s Largest Christmas Party’ in conjunction with the Hyatt, which was an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of Records. With over MOP51,000 raised for Escola San Jose, an official opening of the Escola San Jose’s showers was held on the 1st of February 1986.

A monthly newsletter has appeared since 1983 to keep members informed about current club activities and is still produced under the name of Touchstone. You can browse past Touchstone newsletters here.