Charities We Support

We welcome assistance from members who wish to volunteer hands-on aid or take part in our community focused efforts. Many of our volunteers have special talents and through our combined resources, we develop solutions and provide assistance in many ways. We also function as liaison between donating organizations and charities. If a company is looking to champion a cause, we can introduce them to the right people and charities to achieve their goals. We aim to raise community awareness and assist training programs and educational scholarships. We also provide contributions to help charities with necessities and arrange for donations of needed goods.

Assistance provided

Needs of the charities vary but the common problem is lack of money for operating costs. The Social Welfare Bureau provides 80% funding to most charities but the remaining 20% must be raised from the community. Staff personnel are consumed by day to day operations and fundraising is an added burden.
We help with…

  1. Cash donations for equipment: wheel chairs, hospital beds, medical equipment, prams, food, milk, rice, medicine
  2. Paying for staff training programs, e.g. to improve care of children at risk
  3. Sponsoring physician/psychologist visits to facilities for abandoned babies and children
  4. Organizing fundraising events
  5. Assisting charities with community awareness campaigns and providing links to the Macau business/corporate community
  6. Sponsoring scholarships and education fees for children in need

Volunteer time

In 2007, over MOP500,000 was donated to Charities, and in 2008 it exceeded MOP800,000. All Club activities are run by volunteers, ensuring all profits are donated directly to the charities.

From left to right Melie Ruston, Mavis Vui, Fran Thomas, Keo Bancroft, Meg Pringle, Kim Holman & Elaine Yeung

From left to right Melie Ruston, Mavis Vui, Fran Thomas, Keo Bancroft, Meg Pringle, Kim Holman & Elaine Yeung

The ILCM receives generous support from the Macau government, local businesses and the people of Macau. Without their participation we could not operate and the social services we provide would not exist.

  1. Helping at the homes for abandoned babies,children & elderly
  2. Delivering donated goods to the facilities.
  3. Teaching English at the homes for abandoned children
  4. Organizing fundraising events.

Attempting to fill the deficit, ILCM members visit the charities and assist staff in prioritizing needs and planning expenditures. The ILCM then seeks to provide the needed funds, mainly by sponsoring community events such as the Annual Charity Ball, the Melbourne Cup Luncheon and many social events.

As funds are distributed, oversight is always maintained to ensure funds are spent as planned.

ILCM support the following Charities

Homes for The Elderly

We support 4 Homes for the Elderly that are under the control of Caritas, being the largest welfare provider in Macau and receive funds from Macau government to provide services.

  • Asilo de Betania Home for 130 frail men
  • Asilo Santa Maria Home for 119 frail women
  • Santa Lucia Home for 47 mentally and physically disabled
  • Lar Sao Luis Gonzaga Home for 197 physically and mentally disabled men.

Home for Handicapped Children

La Nossa da Senora De Penha   (Penha) is a residential home for 27 abandoned children with physical and mental disabilities. This is administered by Caritas.

Womens Refuge

Good Shepherd Centre is a refuge for battered women and their children. The   Director Sr. Juliana caters for up to 14 women and their children, victims of domestic violence.  In 2012, 5 extra beds were allocated for young girls under 18 who are victims of trafficking or sexual slavery.

Sr Juliana also provides refuge for young, pregnant women, many as young as 14yr who are rejected by their families, waiting to have their babies.

They also have a Day Centre for women to provide training, information and friendship.

ILCM provide support for different projects, awareness raising or assistance for women leaving the refuge to restart their lives.

Homes for Abandoned Children

Cradle of Hope Association has 2 Homes for babies and children abandoned, abused or at Risk and requiring protection:

  • Cradle of Hope is the only Home for abandoned babies in Macau.
  • Fountain of Hope cares for children 6 years to 18 years victims of abuse or abandonment.

This association cares for a total of 80 babies and children.

It is the largest association in Macau caring for abandoned babies and children requiring protection from neglect and abuse.

There are 7 other residential homes for Children in Macau but are much smaller.

The ILCM supports this association as they strive for improvement in standards of care and provides a therapeutic model of care. For the trauma these children undergo, this is essential. They produce an annual report and hence have transparency.

The other Homes for abandoned children in Macau are which ILCM support are:

  • Evangelista Fellowship Orphanage, 24 children
  • Lar De Jovens de Mong Ha, 34 children
  • Arco Iris,
  • Escola Sao Jose a boarding school where numbers vary each year.
  • Lar de Nossa de Penha (Penha, handicapped children). 27 children.

Rehabilitation Centre for Substance Abuse

ARTM – Associaciao de Rabiliticacao de Toxicodependentes de Macau. Association for Prevention of Drug Abuse.

ILCM have supported this organization with their rent and for specific projects for over 13 years. This group has grown from one residential facility on Coloane rehabilitating drug addicted men to developing a residential Home for recovering female addicts, to Outreach projects in the north of Macau.

They educate children, parents and teenager on the danger of drugs and drug prevention. Also provides a counseling service.

Missionaries of Charity

Mother Teresa created this center in person over 30 yrs ago.

They receive no government support. (Their choice). They aim to support poor by:

  • Provide a crèche for children of the poor in North Macau.

Numbers vary from 80 to 100.

  • A refuge for battered or homeless women
  • Look after street sleepers and provide a rice kitchen in the park every Sunday to Homeless.

ILCM have supported these Nuns and their children and poor since the early days of ILCM.

We provide the monthly birthday cake, presents to children and provide a monthly subsidy, which covers utility costs. We also assist with other projects upon request.

Christian Prison Ministries; A charity which supports prisoners their children and families . Their main clients are vulnerable and usually desperate women who have been exploited and often bribed to carry drugs and then get caught.   Drug addicted women automatically go to jail in Macau.  Till now there has been NO rehabilitation facilities for women only men. Only recently a 4 bed unit for first time offenders was established by ARTM funded by Law Department  which ILCM have supported to help rehabilitate drug affected women.  Sadly there are many more women requiring rehabilitation rather than punishment and internment . This group visits the prison weekly and helps with family issues outside. As some of the women have their babies with them (They can stay with them till they are 3 years old.) they also assist in providing clothing toys etc. for the babies .

We provide funds at Xmas to help with the children’s party and other items on request.


What ILCM we does to assist these charities?

Over the years we have changed the manner in which we support these charities. We wanted our donation to have a greater long term impact. As a result we have spent funds on:

  • Training in the Homes to improve standards of care for the children and Elderly.
  • Specialist teachers to run conferences in an attempt to improve standards of care.
  • We moved from providing candies and oranges at Chinese New Year and having parties to providing more medical equipment and improving the conditions which some of the elderly or children live in.
  • We support Missionaries of Charity to provide Hampers for 300 poor families, Christmas lunch for street sleepers and goods for the graduation of their crèche. One of our members Angie Chui has for over ten years gone to China and sourced the food for the hampers.
  • We also provide funds towards Christmas celebrations’ to many of the children’s Homes.

Our community services members have over the years and currently use their professional skills to provide assistance to the Homes. We have worked with Caritas, the Macau Social Welfare Department, the Directors of some of the facilities, Asilo de Betania, Asilo Santa Maria, Cradle of Hope Association, Penha handicapped children home, Good Shepherd Centre, and ARTM, in helping with budget preparations, clinical documentation and implementation of Quality Systems.

This has been beneficial in understanding the needs of these organizations.

Also members who are physiotherapists and nurses volunteer their time in the Homes. These members also help identify needs and provide a due diligence function as well. We have had a doctor on our team who used her skills helping many of our charities.

Education and Scholarships

ILCM realize the benefit of giving individuals a chance to reach their potential and then be in a better position to help society. This is provided on application.

IN the past we have provided scholarships to St Joseph’s University, (IIUM) Macau University and funded the training of a care worker to do Social Work. She now administers a Day Care Centre for over 300 elderly in Taipa.

Provide a scholarship for an orphan to continue his schooling.

The Andrew Stow Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually

The Community Services also focus on the carers who are mainly women. These women work selflessly for the poor and vulnerable and need our support. At this time we try to do that by visiting and taking them out to meals when possible. They receive very little recognition from the rest of society and it is important that we do not neglect them.

Most of the facilities are run by various religious groups as historically they have been the main providers of social welfare in Macau. Caritas is the biggest provider of social welfare and provides care on behalf of the Government. ILCM does not discriminate on race or religion ………assistance is provided on need alone.

The Macau Social Welfare Department provides 80% of costs of facilities and the community to provide the rest…

Due diligence is provided by the Community Services Team visiting to deliver the cheques and then doing follow up visits. Each facility who receives a donation is visited at least 3 times a year. We also have members volunteering their time in some of the facilities and are able to offer appropriate observations.

We have a history of support with many of our charities but sometimes we are approached by new organizations. Decisions are made by urgency, need and availability of funds. Obviously we often have to prioritize.

DONATIONS; Community Services Team also delivers or arranges delivery of donations of clothes, goods or furniture to the organizations from our members or seek donations for our Organisations.

We liaise with business and provide a bridge for those who wish to help the charities. In the past we have helped business with the repainting of Penha and redecorating.

Due to our connections we advise the charities on where to apply for funding when we are unable to support them.

We attend along with interested ILCM Members the many celebrations and Events i.e. Xmas, Graduations, Feast Days, etc. that the organizations we support have during the year. Often ILCM are the only outsiders showing support and they look forward to our attendance.

We help the charities liaise with each other. We encourage interaction with all the charities we support. E.g. when a drug addicted pregnant woman at Good Shepherd Centre needed support we suggested ARTM could help. ARTM managed her drug programme during and after the pregnancy whilst she remained resident at the Centre. The baby was born well, luckily not needing withdrawal care, then we arranged for Cradle of Hope to provide clothes and equipment for the new baby. ILCM assisted with goods for the mothers eventual resettlement. It was a very satisfying outcome for all.

That woman now works at ARTM’s Womens’ Centre and is no longer drug dependent.

There was a 3 year old at Cradle of Hope with no ID papers (abandoned), therefore not able to attend any crèches run by government. We introduced him to Missionaries of Charity Sisters who immediately accepted him.

Community Services ability to help the vulnerable in Macau is totally dependent on the goodwill and hard work of the fund raising events run by our members and our members supporting them.

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If you are interested in being part of the Community Services Team or have any questions please email