Setting Up Your Home

Apartment Hunting

Finding permanent housing is similar to setting up a bank account in Macau. There are many real estate agents in Macau and not all are created equal. It is highly recommended that your agent is found through referral from satisfied customers.

However to have a quick look at what’s in the market, there are a couple of websites you can look through (in no particular order):


Macao Water Company
is located in Macau with office hours 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Saturday. Bills are usually kept within the owners name and you just make payment.
Customer hotline +853 2822 0088


privately owned company with its head office in Macau.
Info Line (24 Hours)
+853 2833 9911
Emergency Services (24 hours)
+853 2833 9922


There are a number of gas supply companies available in Macau. The type of gas supply will depend on your apartment. The three main gas supply companies in Macau are listed below:

Caltex Oil (Macau) Limited
+853 2878 6168

Mobil Oil (Macau) Limited
(Macau) +853 2821 1313
(Taipa) +853 2882 2366

Shell Macau Limited
+853 2870 0555


CTM is Macau’s only full telecom service provider. It provides customers with local and international services including: Mobile service plans, 3 in 1 SIM connection and prepaid services Dial-up, ISDN, Wireless and Broadband internet access Easy Call cards for International Direct Dialing (IDD) There are seven CTM shops throughout Macau with the head office located in Taipa. The central number for local and mobile services and broadband internet is 1000.

Hutchinson Telecom
provides mobile phone services
Hotline – 1118


Macau Cable TV Company
is located at Alameda Dr. Carlos D Assumpcao No 411-417, Edificio Dynasty Plaza, 21 Andar, Macau
Customer Service Hotline +853 2882 2866



Take your bills to your bank and they can normally set up monthly transfers so that you don’t need to run around each month paying them! Even the accounts in your owners name can be added to your direct debit register.