1. Cash is king. When making purchases you will always have more leverage with cash. When paying bills (i.e. utilities) over the counter, cash is the only form of payment. Many local restaurants and shopping establishments do not accept credit cards.
  2. Closer to You (CTY) – your guide to enjoying life in Macau, is an insert in the monthly business publication ‘Macau CLOSER’. It is a great resource for what is happening in Macau and it also has good lists for restaurants and sightseeing.
  3. If you find a place to which you would like to return but cannot locate a name, take a picture of a nearby landmark and ask the taxi driver to take you to the picture.
  4. For an English radio station out of Hong Kong, tune into 567 cm, great while driving.
  5. Macau Drivers Licenses are required. You can get a ‘paper license’ issued from the main police station in Macau which is valid for 6 months. After that, you may need to apply for a full Macau driver’s license which entails driving test and paperwork from your home country.
  6. Parking tickets need to be paid. If you pay straight away, you may get a discount. If not they will just build up until you get either a speeding fine or you sell your car. These can be paid for at the Police Station behind Park n Shop in Taipa, or at the main police station in Macau.
  7. It is good to ask your property management company to write or type your home address in Chinese. Make copies to have with you at all times. This is particularly handy for taxis and deliveries.
  8. The use of rest rooms in Macau (and mainland China) can be daunting! Many do not provide toilet paper, hand towels or soap. Make sure you are prepared.
  9. Check opening times, Government businesses, Banks and Offices ‘generally’ open at 9.00am but not always. Retail outlets are often open Saturdays and Sundays with opening times varying anywhere from 10.00am, 11.00am or even 2.00pm. Closing times anywhere from 5.00pm, 8.00pm and 10.00pm
  10. ‘Sic Fan’ or eating lunch is almost a religion in Macau and many businesses close or the person you want to see is out of the office during this time. Usually between 1.00pm and 2.00pm but can vary either side of this subject to ‘Macau Time’.
  11. Macau Time, 15-30minutes after GMT
  12. RELAX, as this is the only way to enjoy the Macanese way of life!