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Members have many opportunities to meet people and make new friends, and we help newcomers to Macau settle into their new environment. Along the way, members gather useful local information and discover a bit about Macau’s unique culture and traditions.

Members receive our monthly newsletter, weekend Enews, and several directories, welcome links to the local community and information about social activities and upcoming events.

Contact the membership secretary for further information or to submit a membership application form.

ILCM is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers.

All ILCM events are run with the 100% of profits going directly to charities supported by the ILCM

Members enjoy…

  1. Members Newsletter
  2. Enews updates
  3. Member directory
  4. Links to the local community
  5. Special invitations
  6. Information about social activities
  7. Voting privileges
  8. Partner discounts

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The ILCM welcomes English speakers of all nationalities, backgrounds and interests. We organize social and cultural activities, we orchestrate great fundraising events, and we assist local charities through community services and monetary grants.

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